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Hillary Clinton Horoscope: What Her Astrology Chart Reveals

She is highly sensitive to activities at a distance due to her advanced intuition, and her entire life has been learning to grow more detached in how she communicates, and how she perceives others do or don't comprehend. Also, with Mercury retrograde, the most direct way for her to achieve her goals quickly and with maximum effectiveness is for her to envision the goal as precisely as possible, then work backwards, hopscotching through various steps back to her present position. If she works from A to Z to M to R to B to X to C and so forth, that provides a path that will help her not get deflected by a lot of irrelevant or tangential elements and issues.

Her affairs progress quickly when she doesn't cling to obsolete ideas and ideals or cling to information no longer up to date. Her chart indicates that she decides first, feels second, and thinks last of all. She harmonizes her process when she gets new and timely ideas, perspectives, and interpretations that lead her to know what decisions to make and what actions to take.

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She is illuminated and illuminates other through encouraging cooperation in building community structures that are relevant to each while celebrated by many. She is also illuminated through shared social or collective values and resources that assist a deep communion between her and others, and provides a powerful emotional magnetism so others can retain and value the experience.

She has a talent for knowing what has broad general appeal to others, and has learned to maintain simplicity, efficiency, and flexibility while cutting through inertia and indifference. As Saturn has conjuncted her Scorpio planets from late through late and again in the Summer of , she brought many things to an end and completed a long cycle of 30 years of public service. However, it also began a major life renewal and adventure as Saturn went into Sagittarius in early and conjuncted her Jupiter while making favorable tredeciles and a biseptile to her Leo stellium.

She took one last look back in the Summer of , and then plunged into the long term fire in September , when Saturn re-entered Sag and conjuncted her Jupiter, tredeciled her Mars and Pluto, and biseptiled her Saturn. From there it stayed in long term trine to her Mars and Pluto while making off and on tredeciles to both her Saturn and her Moon, tying them together in 3 very active zones of a 10th harmonic resonant field. It now goes direct, making exact tredeciles to her Moon and Saturn while making yet another trine to her Mars and Pluto.

This is proving very fortunate for her, as it gives light and inspiration in her time of heightened feelings associated with Jupiter opposition her Moon. Jupiter in Virgo has proved very beneficial to her Scorpio energy, bringing major productivity in her Scorpio ambitions. Good for practical and efficient alliances, which has been demonstrated by her mastery of the levers of political campaigning.

Of note is that her ruler Mars conjuncted Jupiter at 15 Virgo last October and set up a long cycle that is now beginning to become manifest in a big way now that Mercury and Venus are transiting that degree. When Mercury goes stationary direct on that degree in late September, it will bring forth things directly related to that Mars-Jupiter conjunction last October. It will conjunct Saturn on its station, which triggers the tredeciles, after which it moves through the trines to her Leo planets and sextiles then quintiles her Neptune.

Expect breakthrough events when Mars opposes her Uranus and squares her Moon toward the end of September. We will be given indicators of what that Sag-driven mutable T-square will bring by observing events related to the multiple conjunctions between Mercury, Venus, and Jupiter at the end of August and beginning of September. That area of Virgo also forms a T-square with her Moon and Uranus, throwing the void into late Sagittarius, anticipating what will be set into motion by Mars after mid-September. In other words, those Virgo conjunctions are the solution to any problem that Mars in late Sagittarius may indicate.

Also remember that a Mercury retrograde promises returns from the past, and those with natal Mercury retrograde often make great progress during a Mercury retrograde period. Mercury retrograde in the second half of Virgo should be good for her Scorpio as she closes in on a new yearly cycle in October. As I wrote last year, Mars triggered a new long range Scorpionic expression when it moved through her stellium early this year.

Presidential Election Astrology Forecast. Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton's Horoscopes

That slowed down when Mars went retrograde, and she, like we all, experienced a reversal of momentum through June, when it went direct. The best part of the immediate future is that Mars in Sagittarius will form very favorable trines to her Leo stellium this month and next, culminating in a Grand Fire Trine between transiting Mars in Sagittarius, transiting Uranus in Aries, and her natal Saturn in Leo.

That powerful building and stabilizing fire energy should help a favorable shift in the campaign despite the Mutable T-square. Of course, if you have some insights about her chart, or how various transits may have manifested in her life, by all means offer them. No one has ever seen this article.

However, recently I did find what I believe to be the article, while working with the reference desk at the Chicago Public Library, that has the entire Sun Times accessible by computer for many past years. The article was published on Jan. The pertinent part of the article is below and seems to suggest a PM birth, as it states that Hillary's mother, Dorothy Rodham, entered the hospital "early" and that Hillary was born 12 hours later. Quote is below.

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Ashland, to deliver her first child. August 10, Permalink. Tags: astrology, Hillary Clinton birth chart. Much as I appreciate many of your astrological insights with this post being the exception , you do your readers and yourself an intellectual disservice by posting something like this. Progressive readers interested in becoming more factually informed on Hillary's record can easily access information on websites like CounterPunch and Black Agenda Report, among others.

Hi LB - Well, I know quite a bit about the facts of her life. I have read all the attacks, and find most of them based in rumor, innuendo, and allegation with no proof whatsoever. All I did here was outline some of her chart factors. I gave no hint of bias regarding her planetary positions, and merely noted when certain transits happened or will happen. Thank heaven none of us are confined to as you put it "the neoliberal, corporate-owned media.

That said, it in no way discredits the very real and good investigative reporting of facts by the media. Not all corporate owned things are corrupted. I believe you came to this article with a prejudice, since there is nothing of "an intellectual disservice" in my analysis. I simply noted some planetary positions and transits. Very neutral by design. What is the intellectual disservice?

The Astrological Chart of Hillary Clinton - Aquarius Papers - Global Astrology

That I didn't include rumor, innuendo, and allegations? To note, I've been a progressive since , and know quite a bit about the permanent government, the CFR and how it has permeated all levels of our govt and society, and how the neocons began with Nixon, festered under Reagan and Bush, and came close to destroying the world under the previous administration. I know quite a bit about Hillary, and have a question no one who is against her seems able to answer. Which is it? Is she really a mass murderer intent on world domination, or are thousands of educated men and women unintelligent fools?

It's clear she's probably not a , since I've also read countless detractors who accuse her of being brain damaged, stroked out, inconsistent, and every other nasty thing, usually with no proof to back it up. I would think it hard to be a criminal mastermind for over a quarter century with those kinds of debilities.

To make charts, they need the exact time candidates were born; Trump’s ‘Mars vibe’

Even the best of us slip up once in a while. I also find it hard to accept the truth of b , since I don't think those thousands of investigators are inept incompetents. As for my media preferences, I gather you haven't taken a look at the investigative news sources listed on the right side of this page. Please take a look. I have more alternative news sources than almost any other site I've seen.

These are not corporate media. Raw Story. Common Dreams. Greg Palast. At least two dozen more, including Counterpunch. It is only one of many sources. Black Agenda Report? I'll take a look. I posted your comment so I could respond to your unfair and cheap shot at the content of the article. There are a lot of lies and misrepresentations about Ms. Clinton out there in the alternative media. For example: the meme that she voluntarily defended a rapist and then laughed when she got him off.

You know that one? It's not true in the slightest. She was a public defender who was assigned the case. Then in a subsequent video interview, she was asked a question about the absurdity of the laws in our country, and laughed when talking about it. She never laughed that she got a rapist off. I can refute at least 30 other lies being spread about her by people who use alternative media as a gospel when it should be ignored or taken with a grain of salt.

That never happened either. No proof offered. No record of any check sent or received. No cancelled check produced.