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The Chinese zodiac is used to determine if two people are compatible. Use our zodiac love compatibility calculator. Best with: Goat, Dog, Rat, or Pig.

They are canny, spiritual, and need the space and freedom to do their own thing, yet at the same time they thrive most when emotionally connected to others. Falcon March 21 — April 19 Aries - The falcon is a knowledgeable leader that others turn to for help and advice. They are driven, somewhat impulsive, and energizing to be around. Beaver April 20 — May 20 Taurus - Beavers are hard working, industrious, and serious. They set goals, get them done, and move quickly on to whatever is next on their list. Deer May 21 — June 20 Gemini - Deer are always alert, they pay attention to even the most minor of details.

Even so, they are a lot of fun to be around and easy to talk to. Woodpecker June 21 — July 21 Cancer - Woodpeckers are the voice of reason, they see through all the distractions and hone in on the truth.

Astrology: Spirit Animals Based on Your Chinese Zodiac Sign

They are protective, caring, balanced, and supportive. When they have your back, you feel safe and secure. Salmon July 22 — August 21 Leo - Salmon are relentless and driven. Bear August 22 — September 21 Virgo - Bears are loyal, realistic, and practical. You can never quite get a handle on how they respond or think at any given time. Beyond that Otter people are very insightful, making them excellent friends and life partners. Otter people love to nurture not just people but situations.

No matter the setting these individuals remain honorable, honest, considerate and faithful. If this is your birth totem you may find yourself incredibly curious about unique philosophies or religions that you can really sink your teeth into. You love to feed your mind and contemplate mysteries, and then put your insights into action. This sometimes results in giving spontaneous lectures Otter loves the sound of their own voice.

Native American Zodiac Beaver

Depending on how others receive this information you may need to redirect the Otter so that other opinions come forward. Because of this Otter may become distracted from the matter at hand. In this case Otter usually takes a subtle bit of advice good heartedly. Generally speaking people born with an Otter Totem remain on the cutting edge of any new flavor of technology, science or even fashion. As situations require, Otter people will give up a bit of their free-spirit to work for a greater good.

The sweet frisky nature of Otter is contagious and endears them to many. Visit our sister-site to learn more about the birth sign and totem of the Native American Zodiac Otter.

Native American Zodiac And Its True Meaning About Your Personality – Mystical Raven

Owl as a Native American Zodiac sign is a tad elusive. Owl energy is very friendly and vivacious. They can adjust to various new faces and careers relatively easily. In the work place and at home Owl listens closely to others and wholeheartedly supports those they respect. If this is your birth Totem, you tend to be optimistic about life in general.

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You seek to understand the human experience and how spirituality affects daily life. You have a deep abiding desire to find your truest self in answer to that call.


You sometimes crave personal status, and because of this you embroider the truth to assuage ego. This is one of those inner conflicts for which Owl people should remain aware. The Owl Totem is quiet and observant. They can take people by complete surprise. This is a protective maneuver more so than one of nosiness.

Owl Totem has some beautiful attributes, so celebrate them. You can see the good in people and situations that everyone else has given up on. Additionally Owl is ever on the move gathering up as much knowledge and trivia as possible. This sometimes becomes superficial so if you have this birth sign make sure you dig a little deeper into your acquired data.

Zodiac Animals in the Native American Belief System

Visit our sister-site to learn more about the birth sign and totem of the Native American Zodiac Owl. This is an excellent seat for Raven in that they have enough charm to proverbially sell ice to Eskimos. People born with Raven Totem have a solid tripod underneath them composed of brilliance, diplomacy and idealistic outlooks. While that combination makes Raven sound nearly hyper active, this bird has a laid back, dreamy gentleness about them. Those who enter into relationships with a Raven person receive patience and insightfulness.

Everything about native American Astrology, Zodiac Signs and Horoscope

In an odd dichotomy, sometimes, in the heat of the moment, Raven caws out selfish demands only to realize that their frustration lies elsewhere. Raven will humbly apologize when shown well-founded information and they will really mean it too. If this is your birth totem you probably love adventure. You are fast to passion, not wanting to wait. You love the feel and freedom of the wind, but that also distracts you from landing and looking within for knowledge and wisdom that come from past incarnations.

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Without those insights, you rarely become the leader and trail-blazer for which you hope. The challenge for those with a Raven Totem is finding a balance between innovation and practicality. This is when Raven starts to soar quickly, gracefully and assuredly toward whatever life holds for them in the future. Visit our sister-site to learn more about the birth sign and totem of the Native American Zodiac Raven.

Salmon Totems are incredibly energetic. You swear they never sit still. In a group of people Salmon always comes to the forefront with ideas that everyone oddly agrees with, even if the process seems unlikely.

Better still, Salmon people often experience success because of their keen-minds and cool perceptions. If this is your animal Totem, your life seems focused on personal goals and anything that gives your life purpose. When coupled with other likeminded people, Salmon is charitable, empathic and ever the calm voice in any storm.

Life partners find Salmon to be very intense, sensual and passionate. Salmon wants to acknowledge people who are often under the water working, unseen. Too often such people receive few accolades. Salmon fully intends to fix that. People with Salmon Totem have deeply emotional lives. Sometimes those waters are rough. Salmon is a poet, a bard, an artist who when they deliver themselves to the water come out with brilliant creations. This is a very healthy undertaking for Salmon, and one that should not be neglected.

Visit our sister-site to learn more about the birth sign and totem of the Native American Zodiac Salmon. Native American stories claim that the vast majority of Shamans bear a Snake Totem. This is because Snake represents the healer and spiritual guide.