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You can light a candle or LED lights in honor of your ancestors or loved ones who have gone on to the next life. July 5 — 11 exact July 8 Venus in Cancer square Chiron in Aries: There is the possibility for family conflicts and arguments during this time. On the other side of the coin, solutions may be found, or wisdom gained, for family problems that have been plaguing you. The tension may arise to the point that issues get resolved around the house, for example.

You may also process grief issues. July 6 — 11 exact July 8 Venus in Cancer sextile Uranus in Taurus: A relationship may result in unique solutions or ideas that manifest on the physical plane. You might see a way to use your resources that you previously had not considered.

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You may start some new way of processing things that had not occurred to you before. This is an emotionally-based brilliant-insight kind of deal. Also, this could be money coming in from someone that you were not expecting or a new relationship that you were not expecting that helps you out a lot.


July 6 — 12 exact July 9 Sun in Cancer conjunct North Node in Cancer: You are now destined to understand how to make use of your energy and self in a way that serves your family and your sell-being in a new and humble but exciting way. You can touch the heart of self-soothing, nurturing, self-care, and self-regulation in a fashion that you have been trying to master.

Go for it!


Be healthy! July 6 —12 exact July 9 Sun in Cancer oppose Saturn in Capricorn: This is an aspect about self-mastery within the karma and limits that your life demands. There are many dualities to consider as a human being. We have two hands, two eyes, two arms, two ears, and one heart.

There is a oneness beneath all dualities to make contact with—the oneness of creation that is like a heartbeat giving us life and energy. The first cells formed physically within our bodies were the cells of our hearts, and I believe there was a unity before there was ever any duality. When we return to the oneness of everything it is like sensing our heartbeat. That is how to synthesize the duality of Cancer and Capricorn that is so prevalent in the astrological occurrences of the past several years, and especially this year.

We understand there is much to do and also live in the spiritual truth of merging into universality. You can see your greatest potential if you look. Use meditation, prayer, journeying and any rituals that appeal to you to speak to the heavens. Water is particularly potent as a source of visualization or an actual tool for spiritual practice.

So this Mercury retrograde has us reviewing our intentions and our safety net before moving forward in life to the next stage. After that, when Mercury moves into Leo again in August, we can feel confident in taking the leap of faith into the future in terms of our projects and initiatives. There are things we have started during Mercury in Cancer that we will develop with more confidence during Mercury in Leo.

July 7 — 17 exact July 11 Mars in Leo square Uranus in Taurus: This may work in conjunction with Mercury retrograde to let us know what we need to review and reconcile before we move forward again in August. Mars and Uranus may bring us some unexpected tasks in this square aspect that slow us down and make us sit up to take notice that we need to attend to things that we were not expecting to have to do.

This can likely show up in business or our daily life functions, as well as our creative life or with our children. Make sure to avoid impulsive actions if you get caught in situations or flare-ups. July 10 — 17 exact July 14 Sun in Cancer oppose Pluto in Capricorn: This aspect is likely to cause a zap to our energy level so keeping up good nutrition and exercise can help to ameliorate the sense that the world is bringing us down.

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It can also affect our sense of identity. July 15 — 20 exact July 17 Venus in Cancer conjunct North Node in Cancer: This aspect can go either very positive or negative, depending on your level of safety and security. If you have unpaid bills, karma catches up with you now, so pay them or make arrangements before this aspect hits. This is what I need to do! I got a tax letter from the state because I forgot to file state taxes for a few quarters and now we have a tax bill—so all of us usually have something to pay, right?

So, you are not alone on needing to deal with financial details if you have some. Except those who are really on top of things… If you have safety concerns, make a safety plan. If you are feeling insecure, attend to this and get support that is needed. This is a destiny aspect—one among many this month.

Our responsibilities are karmic and we need to attend to them sooner rather than later in July. Between the North Node, Saturn, and Mercury retrograde, anything that has not been attended to will be knocking at our doors. This is another proof that anything we have not attended to, whether it be physical or psychological, will have its impact mid-July. Any details we have been quietly ignoring, any unpaid debts, any unfair actions on our part—will come home to haunt us.

Make sure you are fair and have taken care of your obligations and you will have a much nicer Mid-July week. In the wider world, you may see lots of conversations about justice. July 14 — 19 exact July 15 Venus in Cancer oppose Saturn in Capricorn: Now we are asked to master our relations with others and our self-expression as well as ourselves and our internal state of being.

Venus is relationships, creativity, and finances. It renders our binary definitions and institutions arbitrary. Nature gives us circles and leaves and planets and water and winds. We have few straight lines and fewer mathematical planes and edges when you look closer.

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And even if, like most people, we believe we are right. Saturn asks us to question all assumptions. Venus says—assumptions about relationships. July 15 — 21 exact July 18 Venus in Cancer trine Neptune in Pisces: This is an opportunity, if you make use of it, to connect with your spiritual gurus. You can do the strange stuff—peer through the window of Neptune into other dimensions. Download via Venus the love and support of the angels and gods and higher beings, or simply connect with your highest self and highest potential.

However you conceive of your spirituality—whether that be one God or many, one lifetime or past and future lives—here is an opportunity to connect with your spirituality at the deepest and highest core levels. On the earthly plane, this aspect provides for ease in relationships and finances; creativity and manifestation.

July 19 Mercury retrograde re-enters Cancer: The mind returns to an emotional sign. Thinking becomes based in family life and people want to stick close to home and creature comforts for the Mercury retrograde time period. Sensitivity, nurturing thoughts and re-evaluating self-care may ensue. On the plus side, people also turn their attention towards fertility, devotion, affection, children, care, and concern. July 18 — 23 exact July 21 Venus in Cancer oppose Pluto in Capricorn: The honeymoon may be over in many cases in relationships. Which ones empower you and which ones dis-empower you?

You are being tested in these waters. Many times, the way you interact changes with this aspect, and sometimes relationships dissolve altogether. Ask yourself if you like who you are when you are around people. We can get strength and energy from visiting water sources such as streams, lakes, rivers, and the ocean. Focus on the self and recharging ourselves seems like a good idea on these days. Mindfulness of health and traditions and well-being is a high path way of relating to life.

If you wish to make creative projects that honor those who have passed, this a great time to get started, for example. July 21 — 30 exact July 26 Mars in Leo trine Jupiter in Sagittarius: Here is an opportunity to feel that life is wide open to opportunities to act in generous ways. Opening our minds to a large-spirited way of being is possible. In fact, you may see possibility at each turn. Under the surface of things, your abilities to inspire and provide creative inspiration and support to the world simply glow during the end of July.

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July 23 Sun enters Leo: The Sun is at home for this month! Leo adores recognition and the spotlight. The sun is the sign of the heart and loves to do things that warm their heart. The time of Leo is a time of generosity and sharing. We feel a sense of energy and stability.

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Things appear to glow as Summertime is in full bloom. July 23 — 26 exact July 24 Mercury Retrograde in Cancer conjunct Venus: A very intuitive and devoted time in relationships. You may feel reserved and wish to stay close to home as well. You may also sense a lot of psychic ability creatively, as well, and feel sensitive about creative projects. July 25 — 29 exact July 28 Sun in Leo trine Chiron in Aries: The nicest feelings come from being able to creatively manifest new and beautiful things. There is an opportunity to do so during the final days of this fiery Summer month.