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After the dude gets shot in his attempt to escape, the lady points his empty gun at his attackers, ensuring that she will suffer the same fate. Wisely, her date assuages trepidation by showing up with his dome shaved to bring this emotional scene to a close.

Written in tribute to a friend who committed suicide, "Sweet Old World" is a standout from Williams' album of the same name, which is full of contemplations about life, death and all that we leave behind. Williams began writing the song in after poet Frank Stanford killed himself with three gunshots to the heart, but it didn't see the light of day until more than 13 years later. Williams told the New Yorker she held the ballad "because my career has been distinguished by other people, who have always been men, telling me what I should sound like.

Within the weepy "Chiseled in Stone," the boundlessly forlorn Vern "The Voice" Gosdin goes straight for the heartstrings and yanks. Tinged with gospel harmony and a tad overstuffed production-wise, the Country Music Association Song of the Year details the aftermath of a lovers' quarrel, a. But Dolly uncovers a new wrinkle in a shopworn image. Here, her man sends her the flowers, along with a curt goodbye note when he dumps her, leading her to discover, as another poet once sang, that every rose has its thorn, just like every cowboy sings a sad, sad song.

Songwriting great Harlan Howard — the man who defined country music as "three chords and the truth" — masterfully straddles the line "sympathetic" and "kind of patronizing" in this sharp appraisal of how a history of heartbreak left a woman "cold and bitter. But Tillis' cool reserve in his version, echoed in a stately piano accompaniment, mined the lyric for maximum devastation. Though Ray Price first met Kris Kristofferson when the latter was a janitor at Columbia Studios, the singer wouldn't remember the songwriter's name until he heard his "For the Good Times" demo between sets during an tour.

Though it sounds like an old standard, Vince Gill wrote "Go Rest High on That Mountain" in , inspired by the death of country great Keith Whitley due to complications from alcoholism in Though Gill began writing the song after Whitley's death, he finished it following the death of his own older brother in Despite the devastating lyrical content and tragic circumstances, it's noted for its spiritually optimistic note. Nelson's version might be the sparest of them all: just guitar, accordion and wounded warble painting an unbearably sad last-goodbye scene in vivid sepia tones.

Even the Reivers and UB40 have recorded "Blue Eyes" since, and legend holds that it was the last song Elvis Presley ever played on his piano in Graceland before his death. Austin-based singer-songwriter Bruce Robison was inspired to write "Travelin' Soldier" after a friend was activated for duty in the first Iraq war.

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Robison released the initial version of the song — the tragic love story of two lonely teenagers whose budding romance is trampled under the weight of the Vietnam War — in the mid-Nineties, but it became a chart-topping hit in after the Dixie Chicks re-recorded it when it again became relevant. The song peaks on a Friday night at the football game, when the young man's name is read over the loudspeaker as the crowd is asked to pray for the "list of local Vietnam dead.

In the two weeks following, "Travelin' Soldier" dropped to Number Three, then off the charts completely. Released in October , "If We Make It Through December" tells the tale of a factory worker who gets laid off shortly before the holidays and then becomes wracked with guilt over his inability to buy his daughter some "Christmas cheer.

But while headlines screamed of "bear markets" and "economic indexes," Haggard's song got right to the heart of the issue: the people behind those headlines. More importantly, it mirrored the optimism that shone through the struggles: "If we make it through December, we'll be fine. Inspired by the story of a father who kept his son's Dodge around after the son was killed in Afghanistan, "Truck" isn't just an exploration of the ways we try and maintain connection to people we've lost through what they left behind, but about men: how they're allowed to feel, how they aren't.

The song is there to emote in ways he feels like he can't. Heavy doesn't even begin to describe Shelby Lynne's acoustic retelling of her own fractured home life in "Heaven's Only Days Down the Road. It was then that her estranged alcoholic father shot and killed her mother before turning the gun on himself. Two gunshots serve as final punctuation. Written after the terrorist attacks on September 11th, , "Where Were You When the World Stopped Turning " stands as one of the most poignant "of the people" songs ever written. Jackson's heartfelt expression of stunned helplessness encapsulated the American collective consciousness perfectly and the song stayed at the top of the charts for five weeks.

A top Latin Pop star from Puerto Rico.

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One of today's most popular Brazilian singers. A top Salsa singer and songwriter from Panama. The most famous guitarist in Latin music. One of today's most influential Bachata artists. One of the megastars of Pop music. One of the most influential songwriters and singers from Brazil. He was also one of the founders of the Brazilian Tropicalia movement. A top Vallenato singer from Colombia. One of the top Latin music stars in the world. The lead singer of the legendary Rock en Espanol band Soda Stereo.

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A top Salsa singer from Puerto Rico. An Argentinian singer and pioneer of the Rock en Espanol movement. One of the most talented singers in the history of traditional Cuba music. A top Latin Pop singer from Mexico. The lead singer of the legendary Colombian Rock band Aterciopelados. A popular Brazilian singer daughter of the legendary artist Elis Regina. A romantic singer and best selling artist in the history of Latin music.

A popular Salsa singer from Puerto Rico.

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Ranchera singer from Mexico and son of Vicente Fernandez. An artist widely considered the best Salsa singer in history. A popular Reggaeton and Latin Urban artist. One of today's most famous stars better known as The King of Corrido. One of the best soneros in the history of Salsa music.

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A talented pianist and Latin jazz musician from Cuba. Cuban pianist son of Bebo Valdes. One of the best songwriters in the history of Brazilian music. The Queen of Salsa Music. One of today's top Regional Mexican music artists. A prolific Colombian singer of Salsa and Tropical music.

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A top artist of Latin Pop and Latin Alternative music. A Latin Jazz pioneer.

Lead singer of the Mexican Rock band Mana. A popular Latin Pop star from Mexico. Take a right at Southern Cross Boulevard, proceed passed the first round-a-bout and keep straight. Travel another mile to the next major round-a-bout which turn into Sunset Boulevard.

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